Team Carolina Financial

How much does it cost to play with Team Carolina?
The cost for a season (2 - 5 months) to play with Team Carolina can range from $289 - $659 (depending on the seasonal program) and fundraising options for families are available. The costs vary, depending on the season and the special offerings to be included. Team Carolina fees cover:

  • Team Practice Court Rental Costs - 3 sessions a week vs 2x or less with other Teams. 
  • Coaches Fees - All coaches are compensated
  • Administrative Costs
  • Professional Trainers Fees - Weekly skills, strength, speed, vertical training occurs 
  • Guest Clinics - Professional NBA Trainers Ganon Baker-Florida and Damin Altizer-Virginia train our players at Hoops City.
  • Weekly skills training sessions and equipment costs.

Each athlete and parent will be provided with a detailed cost sheet at tryouts.  Tuition can be paid via cash or money order, check or credit card. 

Specific Installment Date Requirements are available via cost sheet provided at tryouts. Each tryout session (Early Spring, January, February, June and August) offers varying payment date options for you to consider.

These payment dates are based on when Team Carolina (organization) must pay rental payments to our practice facilities. This makes up the largest portion of the tuition.

An example for explanation purposes only of the Spring Season Fees Assessed:

$551.25/player court rental share in just gym fees alone per player
If a court is rented for $70/hr ($55 + $15 Security/Custodian) for a 90 minute practice = $105.00 per occurrence (practice)

$105.00 x 2.5 sessions per week = $262.50

2.5 sessions is the average for each week taking into account some Saturdays there will not be a practice held, as the team would be participating in a tournament event.

21 weeks (approx.) x $262.50 week = $5,512.50

$5,512.50 team season rental fee / 10 players on team = $551.25/player court rental share

Also included in the tuition are Head Coach Compensation, Compensation for Professional Trainers, Weekly Skills Sessions, Weekly Speed and Vertical Training, Administrative Costs and Personnel. Team Carolina AAU does not charge a fee to use any of its state of the art advanced player technology equipment. It is a benefit to being a part of the program.

There may be other costs and fees associated with playing AAU basketball that are not included in tuition, they may include but are not limited to:

  • Tournament Spectator Fee
  • Team Tournament Fee
  • Travel Costs (gas/lodging/transportation)
  • Food During Tournaments
  • Uniform (One time purchase)
  • Extra Gear/Clothes/Shoes

Does playing for Team Carolina cost more because you have access to your own facility?
Definitely not! In fact, we find that you would normally pay less, and the benefits are far, far greater! We find that having our own facility is a huge cost advantage when compared to other organizations that do not, and have to continually strive to “find and search” potential locations on inconsistent nights in creating a practice schedule. Further, this is your HOME! There is no uncertainty about practice locations, there are extra opportunities for training and open gyms to better serve you, and most importantly, for you to utilize!