Our Mission Statement

Phenomenal Youth is a non-profit youth sports organization that provides Greater Cincinnati area children from kindergarten through high school with the opportunity to develop leadership abilities, team skills, and personal discipline.  We believe that ALL children can be phenomenal with love, support and guidance.  Our players gain emotional and social maturity, while having fun, through participation in our basketball program.  We provide a full menu of options for players at every level, ranging from instructional training activities to our highly competitive and well-respected travel programs.  We focus on providing our coaches with the tools and training to ensure their success in accomplishing the dual goals of developing the athletic skills and the characters of their players.  We use technology wherever possible to optimize our administrative interactions with parents, while always ready to provide personal assistance if the need arises.  We provide our players with safe, clean facilities, and certified coaches who help them achieve their athletic potential and their personal goals.

Our Vision Statement

We envision the establishment of a cohesive youth sports environment in the Greater Cincinnati area, where character development is recognized as the primary goal of athletic participation and the policies, procedures, and processes of all involved groups support that priority.  This leadership will take place by having our parents, players, and coaches consistently set an example of good sportsmanship in all situations.

Our Approach to Sports: Have Fun, Learn and Succeed.

Over the years much research has been devoted to developing the youth athlete.  Much of it leads to a few consistent conclusions: 75% drop out after the age of 13 because  it is no longer fun for them and most adults who coach fail to understand the importance of measured physical and mental training that balances learning, repetition and competition.  This applies equally to both recreational and "travel" youth sports.  Developing the youth athlete is a gradual process that requires patience and understanding that winning is a by-product.  While winning is obviously a fundamental ingredient in any sporting activity, to overemphasize it is to reward results over effort - which is a prescription for failure.  We would rather think of winning as a house build of hundreds of bricks of success.  It is in doing of little things that great things can occur. 

On the court, in the classroom and in life, Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten!