Our NCAA Exposure Teams - Grades 7,8,9,10,11

For those players with aspirations of competing at the collegiate level, we can help you get there!. Not only do we dramatically impact your skills with our advanced training regimen led by members of our staff, but you are also exposed to the entire holistic development to aid in your recruiting process. 

The Exposure Team's season operates from March 1 (after school season ends) thru July. Tryouts are conducted or these teams, it is competitive as it attracts the premier players in the region. It is a commitment, an investment, not only by the athletes but also the Coaches who completely immerse themselves for the benefit of the Athlete.

It is a Commitment

  • 3-4 Practices each week including weekends
  • Mandatory attendance at the intense Pre Season Boot Camp from March 7 - April 5, 2020. Boot Camp will entail double sessions.
  • Mandatory attendance at the intense Summer Boot Camp from June 29 - July 3, 2020. Boot Camp will entail double sessions.
  • Participate in advanced Cardio, and Track Training
  • Will play in 3-4 Local Warm-up Tournaments to be used as refinement to prepare for the Exposure Tournaments.
  • Play in multiple National Exposure Events in April, May & July in cities that would include Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Charlotte.
  • This is the Highest Level of Play and Training offered and is reserved solely for those with aspirations to play after High School.
  • Recruiting Assistance

2020 Recruiting Seminars - On Impact Grades 7 - 12
Spring Dates TBA

2020 Recruiting Seminar - On Impact Recruiting Grade 6 "Understanding the Journey"
Fall Dates TBA

A Big Part of a successful exposure season is the ability to enhance opportunities for you!  Our focus is on positioning your son/daughter for the best opportunity that fits their skill level and academic interest. Some families spend thousands on a "recruiting service" that is intended to help you facilitate a college scholarship. We feel this should be part of your Phenom Experience and is provided to you free of charge.

There are multiple steps to how this process works for you. Due to the complexity and connection between each, they are highlighted below.

Your own Recruiting Advisor

Each athlete who participates on a Phenom Exposure Team is personally assigned to Coach Dante Payne, our on staff NCAA Recruiting Advisor. Coach Payne's experience and expertise enables every athlete with the necessary tools to enhance their opportunities for playing at the collegiate level. Coach Payne connects with players on a regular basis to discuss various strategic methods to best promote your daughter. These sessions are structured, organized and timely that follows a planned progression.

Recruiting seminars are held for AAU athletes and their families entering the Middle School years and more advanced and increased bi-weekly sessions are held for those Showcase teams including the 7th thru 11th grade.

Athletes and their parents are educated and mentored on various aspects of the recruiting process

  • Writing Letters to Coaches
  • Conducting "Mock" Phone Calls with Coaches
  • Asking the right Questions and how to Communicate
  • Scheduling Un-Official & Official (based on Grade level) Visits
  • Sending Game Film
  • Preparing a Personal Training Video (PTV)
  • Post Practice Press Conference/Interviews
Most major Division I Programs expect their players to be able to address the media in a professional manner representative of the University. With many Head Coaches we have spoken with, this is an area that they felt players arriving into their program had a deficiency. As such, our program periodically conducts post practice press conferences to provide two primary objectives:

  • To allow the athlete to practice answering questions while being filmed and gain a greater confidence and comfort level and ease in communicating.
  • Provide potential college coaches the opportunity to view our players in a manner an environment that one day would be expected of them thru their program.
  • We have found that this type of preparation further magnifies and develops a player's leadership ability which is essential to team development.
  • Your Own Athlete Profile
  • Each player that participates on a Phenom Team will be provided their own Athlete Recruiting Profile, available for prospective coaches to visit and evaluate. This profile will include game statistics, game film, photos, schedule, Recruiting Combine Stats (vertical jump, wingspan, speed tests and other data) and personal information.

It's a Commitment, It's an Investment……But over the course of the years together, their develops a sisterhood, that binds them together for many years to come…..

It is true that every player becomes better…..
It is true that many if not all players will be provided an opportunity to receive a free education through our program…..
But the most incredible benefit they will take away, are the relationships…..
The relationships that come along with the journey of years and being a part of something so very special…..

Once apart of Phenom, the relationships just continue….